About Deb

Welcome to my website, DebWritesIt. My mission is to offer you professional writing services for your business.  Whether you’re in need of a business profile, advertorial, restaurant review, company brochure, feature story, social media content, local event reporting or editing services, I’m your go-to person!  I write clear, detailed, concise words that will engage your clients. There’s not a subject that exists, that I’m not motivated to write about. I am interested in your business, event, or any personality that needs exposure. I am committed to giving you every ounce of my passion for writing, to fulfill your needs.

My love for the written word, stems back to my childhood growing up in Little Neck, New York. A shy young girl, I quickly discovered after receiving a diary as a birthday gift, that I expressed myself best with a pen and paper. I loved spending my free time journaling about the events of my life and writing about my feelings. This quickly became a hobby for me. I wrote about my friends, my family, people with interesting stories, things I saw and experienced. I discovered early in life that my pen gave me freedom of speech!  Remember, these were the days before computers.

My inspiration and encouragement to write, continued into my adulthood. It was sparked by one of my English college professors, Mrs. Cannavo.  In her class, we were expected to write a daily journal to perfect our writing skills. This was music to my ears! I loved this class. I will never forget what she once said to me. Mrs. Cannavo said that what she loved about my writing, was that I wrote exactly like I spoke and that she could hear my voice as she read. She said my thoughts were engaging, organized and detailed. What a compliment!  She pleaded with me to please never stop writing…that I have a gift. I never stopped.

Most of my career has been spent in Advertising and Publishing and I’ve enjoyed every minute. I love the creative world. Writing is my life-long passion and I’d love to share my talent with you.  Please feel free to contact me if you’re in need of my services.

This website is dedicated to my mentor, Mrs. Cannavo.