FeAture Articles

I am delighted to tell the story of your business, product, event or charity. My feature articles are both descriptive and informative and will surely engage your readers.


My advertorials are written objectively and are designed to expose your business, without looking like a “sales pitch!”

Business Profiles

I love meeting new people and doing interviews! I will highlight your CEO, your business, it’s products and/or services, valued company employees and your company’s vision.


I am such a foodie! My description of your establishment will include it’s overall ambience along with describing your culinary creations. Your potential customers will be craving menu items and specials, as I discuss taste, smell, texture and presentation of your offerings.

Social MEdIa Content

I’m delighted to write about and share relevant, valuable, engaging content that speaks to your audience.


My company brochures will include informative content, including testimonials, that will speak directly to your readers.